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dance piece by h2dance choreographed by Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard for the Place Prize semi-final.

Golden Peacock
dance piece for Anusha Subramanyam on the life and work of Aung San Suu Kyi

contribution to the film
Throw Them Up and Let Them Sing by Helen Petts, on the journeyings and work of Kurt Schwitters

2012 Re-remembered short film by Takako Nakasu and Elena Jacinta http://vimeo.com/53620823                                                                                              2011 Promenade 5: Present Company in collaboration with Eva Karczag and Chris Crickmay as part of Winlab
2011 ON/OFF for h2dance choreographed by Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard
2011 Hereafter in my Cage with all the Other Singing Birds choreographed by Angus Balbernie for The North Wall dance project
2011 Choir Project:Say Something for h2dance choreographed by Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard                                                                                                                 2010 Wheel Who Has the Ear of the People film in memory of Paul Burwell, filmed by Helen Petts http://vimeo.com/13958611
2009 Switch for The Place 3rd yr students choreographed by Hanna Gillgren
2009 Breed for London Met 3rd yr students choreographed by Heidi Rustgaard
2008 The Dead Moon for Wonderful Beast directed by Alys Kihl
2007 Great Expectations by Charles Dickens directed by Lucy Maycock for St Edwards School Oxford
2007 Before you can Run choreographed by Lost Dog (Ben Duke and Raquel Messeguer) for the dance company FROM HERE TO MATURITY
2007 Two Men from Delft by Stephen Wakelam, dir Jeremy Mortimer R3 drama 2006 The Two Noble Kinsmen Shakespeare. for the RSC rehearsed reading dir.William Oldroyd.
2005 Caesar! The best of Mothers for Radio 4 drama, prod.Jeremy Mortimer
2004 Body Stories film for Tufnell/Rubidge dance associates.
2004 From the Air that we Breathe collaboration with Miranda Tufnell and Simon Hyde
2003 Golem by DOO-COT
2003 Inside Australia film for Channel 5 about Anthony Gormley dir. Hugh Brody
2003 Yerma's Eggs dir. Anna Furse
2003 Dad and the Afghan for BBC Radio drama dir. Jeremy Mortimer
2002 Antony and Cleopatra for BBC Radio 3 drama dir. Mary Peate
2002 The Mind of the Meeting BBC Radio 3 drama dir. Mary Peate
2002 Spirit Level for Tufnell/Rubidge Dance Associates
2002 Kings Radio 4 drama dir. Jeremy Mortimer and David Hunter
2001 Tess of the D'Urbervilles BBC Radio 4 drama dir. Mary Peate
2001 Kew Gardens by Virginia Woolf BBC Radio 4 drama dir. Kate Valentine
2001 Mami Papi Mial and Me BBC Radio 4 drama dir Jeremy Mortimer
2001 Everything will be Fine musically directed for BBC Radio 3
2001 Seven Days that shook Britain Sharpshooter Films Channel 4 documentary
2000 Static Radio 4 drama prod. Mary Peate
2000 2000 Tales Radio 4 and 3 producers Jeremy Mortimer, Mary Peate and Tracey Neale
2000 Wing Film of dance in the landscape by Miranda Tufnell and Caroline Lee
1999 Achilles narrative drama by Elizabeth Cook for RSC fringe
1999 Richard 2 Radio 3 Shakespeare for the millennium series producer Jeremy Mortimer
1998 Body of Land film with Miranda Tufnell and Caroline Lee
1998 As I crossed a Bridge of Dreams Radio 4 play by Sally Pomme Clayton
1997 Ultraviolet DooCot
1996 Did I Speak? Emilyn Claid
1995 Take a Peek Bobby Baker
1995 Le Flesh chor. Emilyn Claid
1995 Fifi chor. Nigel Charnock
1995 Odd (if you dare) DooCot
1994 Invisible Forces of Silver Miranda Tufnell
1994 A Little Skinny Man Attacked Daddy film by Vivienne Dick
1994 Peacock DooCot
1993 Shoot No. 526 Phoenix Dance Co.- chor.Emilyn Claid
1993 Sweet Side Show Emilyn Claid
1993 House DooCot
1993 Still Life DooCot
1993 Low in the Dark dir. Anna Birch
1993 Virginia Minx at Play Emilyn Claid
1992 Cages DooCot
1992 In the Grain of the Body Miranda Tufnell
1992 The Harrowing of Hell DooCot Puppet Theatre for the Chester Mystery Plays
1992 Castle of Slow Death Emilyn Claid
1992 Passages Miranda Tufnell
1991 Maps and Assignments commissioned by Projects U.K. for percussionist Paul Burwell
1991 Rules of Engagement Jacky Lansley
1991 Other Shadows DooCot Puppet Theatre
1990 Mortal Women's Theatre Group dir. Clair Grove
1990 Soft Shell Miranda Tufnell
1990 Habitat for Fabulous Beasts RaRaZoo circus
1989 Moonrise video installation by Kate Meynell
1989 Landlight chor. Miranda Tufnell
1989 Iron Mistress Resisters Theatre Co.
1989 Iron Mistress Blood and Honey Productions
1989 Fishing up the Moon Half Moon Y.P.T.
1989 How Rooh Became a Stranger no Longer Nenagh Watson puppet co.
1988 Women-in Law Resisters Theatre Co.
1988 Pheasant China Extemporary Dance Co.- chor. Emilyn Claid
1988 Lonely Atoms piano and tape piece commissioned by Ursula Kneihs
1988 Medusa video by Kate Meynell
1987 At the Last Count for 5 percussionists (Air Gallery commission)
1987 Kurt Schwitters Tribute Action Space Mobile
1987 Grace and Glitter Extemporary Dance Co.- chor. Emilyn Claid and Maggie Semple
1986 Idiosynchronicity Gwylan Dance Co.- chor. Sue Maclennan
1986 Firestorm Action Space Mobile
1985 Point of Convergence Monstrous Regiment
1983 Cold Wars Bloodgroup dir. Anna Furse
1983 Child's Eyes Extemporary Dance Company choreographed by Emilyn Claid
1982 Dirt Bloodgroup dir. Anna Furse
1982 The Impersonators director Jacky Lansley
1981 Mirror Mirror on the Wall for London School of Contemporary Dance-
director Jacky Lansley
1979 Within the Core for fl.,cl.,vl.,vlc.,pno.,sop.
1978 In Memoriam Shahida for fl.,ob.,cl.,bsn.,hn.,sop.
1977 String Breath for solo cello
1976 This Sometime Silence for orchestra
1976 Dawn the White Wake for fl.,cl.,perc.,pno.,vlc.
1975 Ritual Unease Journeys for baritone voice and instrumental ensemble